Harmony for Heroes Collective

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Harmony for Heroes Collective

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The Harmony for Heroes Collective is a community outreach program from The bART Center for Music that aims to make a positive difference in the lives of military individuals and their families through music education. Through weekly guitar lessons, the HHC program—in partnership with the Coffee Bunker—provides an opportunity for active duty military, reservists, veterans, and their families to experience self-expression, camaraderie, focused creative discipline, and a sense of accomplishment as they come together around music.

Modeled after the Colorado Springs Conservatory’s Citizen Soldier Connection, the Harmony for Heroes Collective offers 10 weeks of guitar lessons at a minimal cost taught by bART instructor and professional blues/jazz guitarist Michael McClure. With an emphasis on understanding the instrument and learning the basics of rhythm and chords, Mr. McClure’s instruction provides a relaxed, engaging approach to the guitar that makes it accessible to beginners of all ages. We hope to expand into offerings such as songwriting as the program continues! Harmony for Heroes Collective is made possible by the generous support of the Oklahoma Arts Council.

Where: The Coffee Bunker
When: Class times are on the pre-registration form below.
Cost for 10-week program: $100 for adults; $50 for young adults ages 12-18.
Scholarships available through The Coffee Bunker
The bART is providing guitars and their maintenance free of charge to people enrolled in the program.