What is the bART

The bART is a community based music program where we offer lessons for students of all ages and abilities, whether they are 3 or 93. There are no restrictions or entrance auditions for entry into the Music School. Everyone who wants to learn how to play an instrument or relearn and refresh skills is welcome!


How can I sign up for the lessons?

Fill out our pre-registration form here on the website. Once it’s received our registrar will contact you or you can call 918-794-0330 from Monday to Friday, 12pm – 6pm. We will be more than happy to answer your questions or arrange a time to come by and visit. You may email our registrar Ms. Allyson Taylor at info@thebart.org with any other questions.


Do you offer trial lessons?

Yes, we do. Trial lessons start at only $15 and with your instrument of choice. There is no commitment. If you are not satisfied, then we can schedule another trial lesson with a different instructor. When you have found an instructor you are comfortable with, we will register you for the semester.


Which instruments can I learn to play at the bART? Do you offer instrument rentals?

Currently, we offer lessons in piano, violin, viola, cello, bass, flute, guitar, African drums, and voice. With the exception of piano, we offer instrument rental to all of our students. As well, each student will be properly fitted to their instrument by their instructor.


Who are the instructors?

The Bart Faculty members are musicians with advanced degrees, extensive training and experience. To teach at the bART, Faculty members undergo an interview, performance and teaching evaluation. Many of our Faculty members are performers with the Tulsa Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Music Tulsa, Tulsa Signature Symphony, Tulsa Opera, as well as various orchestras out of state. Also, many are instructors at both TCC and TU.


Can I choose with whom I study with?

In general, we assign teachers to incoming students. However, if you have a particular teacher in mind, depending on the teacher’s schedule and availability we will try our best to accommodate your request. While we always attempt to keep you with your teacher each semester, on occasion we may have to change your instructor due to unforseen scheduling issues.


Are there payment plans available?

Payment options are always available for our students at the bART. We will work with you as best we can to provide a payment plan that works best for you. We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.


How often are the lessons offered?

It depends, you can take lessons as often as you would like. However, the most popular choice is one lesson per week.


How long are the lessons?

We offer 30 minute, 45 minute and 60 minute individual lessons. All our group lessons are 60 minutes long. In order to have a group lesson we need to have 4 or more students enrolled.


What days and times are the lessons offered at the bART?

We offer classes Monday to Friday from 9:00am till 8:00 P.M., depending on teachers availability. We currently do not offer lessons during the weekend. Always refer to the Calendar of Events to look for scheduling additions and changes.


Are there recitals at the end of the semester?

Yes, we encourage all our students to perform at the end of the semester Studio Concerts.


What is the policy for missed lessons?

Advance notification (at least 24 hours) for absences is required. No refunds, credits or make-ups will be issued for missed classes. If two consecutive lessons are missed with no notification the scheduled lesson time will be forfeited with no refund. Teacher absences will either be made up the week after each semester ends or during another designated make up day set by the office. In the instance of inclement weather it may be necessary to cancel lessons and classes. Holiday closings are listed on the website under the Calendar of Events. All missed lessons due to inclement weather will be made up during the designated make-up week at the end of the semester, or at your teacher’s earliest convenience.


Can I sign up in the middle of the semester?

Yes, we have continuous open registration throughout the year. If you register late for the semester, we will prorate the tuition.


What teaching methodologies does the bART follow?

Unlike the Conservatory, where curriculum is highly prescriptive and teaching methods closely follow the Russian Music School traditions, the Music School is much more flexible. Instructional strategies in the Music School are determined by the music teacher and the music curriculum in his or her subject area or instrument. However, it is important to note that even in our Music School division we follow a traditional way of teaching and learning classical music. “Playing by reading notes” is emphasized over “playing by ear.”


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