The BART Center for Music Programs

A place where students of all ages and talents can gather to take lessons on a wide variety of instruments with professional instructors and affordable pricing.

The BART offers superior private music lessons for piano, cello, violin, viola, bass, flute, voice, and guitar for all ages and abilities. Classes are minimally fee-based. Many BART students, ages eight to 13, strive to go from their lessons to competitive audition and acceptance into the Conservatory. Early Childhood Education classes are also offered for parents and infants and toddlers. They introduce our youngest community members to the joy of listening and responding to sound and instruments. Creative Aging Programs with a variety of instruments are available for the life-long learner, as well.

Private Lessons

30-minute, 45-minute or 60-minute individual lessons (private) are offered for students of ages five through senior adults. Individual lessons are available for voice, piano, violin, viola, cello, bass, guitar, flute, and voice. Individual lessons will allow the student to experience a one-on-one atmosphere with the instructor. Emphasis is based upon the student’s individually-paced development, and repertoire is selected to fit the student’s needs and ability. A student may choose to have a Closed Concert evaluation and get a feedback from the jury at the end of the semester. All students are encouraged to perform in the Open Concerts and attend BART events and master classes. Trial lesson may be requested. Payment plans are available.


The bART faculty members are professional musicians and pedagogues with advanced degrees, extensive training, and experience. To teach at the BART, all faculty members undergo a rigorous selection process including interview, performance and teaching phases. Teacher preference may be requested and honored whenever possible.

Tuition for Private Lessons

Most private lessons start at just $25 per half-hour, per week. The cost of tuition depends on your choice of instructor, student needs and ability level, and length of the lesson.

  • A Student making music experiences "simultaneous engagement of senses, muscles, and intellect. Brain scans taken during musical performances show that virtually the entire cerebral cortex is active while musicians are playing."

    – Source: Educational Leadership, November 1998 Retrieved August 16, 2011 from the Americans for the Arts Web site