Pre-Registration for Group Classes

  • Join us beginning Saturday, October 7th for six weeks of group classes at The bART!

    It’s a wonderful opportunity for you or your child to try out an instrument in a fun group setting! There are classes for adults as well!

  • Please mark the box(es) within your age range that most interest you:
  • All classes will take place on Saturdays between the hours of 11AM and 3PM. The Fall Group session begins on October 7th and ends on November 18th. They are 1 hour in length. There is a minimum of 4 students needed in order for the class to make. The cost for the 6 weeks is $160; string instrument rental is available for an additional fee.


  • A Student making music experiences "simultaneous engagement of senses, muscles, and intellect. Brain scans taken during musical performances show that virtually the entire cerebral cortex is active while musicians are playing."

    – Source: Educational Leadership, November 1998 Retrieved August 16, 2011 from the Americans for the Arts Web site