Our Mission and Vision

The mission of the bART Center for Music is to contribute to the vitality of community arts in Tulsa through music education for all. The bART believes that everyone, regardless of income level, race, age or physical ability must have the opportunity to be creative through music.

At The bART Center for Music, we focus on the three pillars of our mission:

Musically Motivated Arts Education – Our goal is to offer access to music education to individuals of all ages and abilities, and to provide a rigorous preparatory conservatory program for aspiring professional musicians.

Self-Discovery – We want to help students realize their full potential musically and beyond, inspiring resilience and creativity, developing problem-solving skills and learning how to express themselves through multiple disciplines.

Community Involvement – Our vision is to contribute to the vibrant and diverse music community in Tulsa through innovative partnerships.

Who We Are

At the bART Center for Music we are committed to providing our students with professional instruction and mentorship to meet all needs. Our teaching artists are experienced professional performing artists coming from diverse and knowledgeable musical backgrounds. Many of our instructors teach at local universities and/or high schools and perform regularly with local symphonies, as well as ensembles and bands around the Tulsa area. We are committed to supporting not only our students, but local artists and musicians in the Tulsa community as well.



Board of Directors

Dr. Linda Sullivan (Board President)

Deborah Bright

Maureen Brown

Jojo Hull, IV

Shannon West

Merton Huff