YMCA Summer GO

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YMCA Summer GO

Through our community partnership with the Tulsa YMCA, The bART Center for Music provides ukulele instruction to hundreds of children each Summer during the YMCA Summer GO programs.

Summer GO program components include movement, nutrition, literacy, STE(A)M and specialty programming each day including hip hop, ukulele lessons, dance, performing arts, fine arts, and yoga among others.

Led by bART teaching artists Michael McClure and Debra Redner the children are directly engaged with ukulele in a group setting and work toward performances at the end of the program. The goal is to demonstrate how musicians use meta-skills to be successful. Musical Skills explored include: classroom and performance manners, taking temp from count-off, clean stops, changing tempo and dynamics under direction, note and chord names and positions, strum patterns and rhythms, history of the songs in the repertoire. General Skills explored include: Goal setting and review of outcomes, Listening and watching for directions, awareness of noise level in an environment, alphabetic naming and labeling systems, and development of “muscle memory”.

Most importantly the children are given the opportunity to play a musical instrument with their peers and have fun with music!