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Dustin Lykins

Bass Guitar, Euphonium, Tuba

Always holding down the low end of the mix with funky grooves, Dustin has a passion for making your foot tap, head bob and your face scrunch with his groovy bass lines. He is a multi-instrumentalist specializing in bass guitar and low brass, as well as a composer, producer, and songwriter.

Dustin has a BM in Music Composition, attending the schools Santa Fe University of Art and Design (SFUAD), Columbia College of Chicago and Henderson state University. In these schools, he has played in many ensembles including: Funk, Afro Cuban Jazz, NuFusion Jazz, Rock, Alternative Rock, Alternative Soul, Blues, Orchestral, Wind Band, Brass Band, Tuba Choir, Gamelan, and Collegium Ensembles.

Playing for local bands and artists in the area, notably: FernDad, Kendra Mars, LVLC, etc. Dustin has earned a reputation for his skills on the bass guitar, gaining renown playing often at local Community Art Home for an audience of his peers. Having a passion for composing soundtracks Dustin has worked on the films: Acrid (2017) written by Michelle L Bolin/P.D. Gleason and Safari (2023) written by Robert Bogart.

Outside of his music career Dustin enjoys drawing, painting, video-games, board games/tabletop, games, hiking, caring for his plants and spending time with his dog.