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Jo Saldivar

Administrative Assistant + Social Media

For as long as she can remember, Jo Saldivar has been passionate about the arts. Despite not being a professional musician herself, she has dabbled in violin, guitar, ukulele, and singing. However, her primary passion resides in the visual arts.

Aside from her position at The bART, Jo Saldivar is a professional freelance photographer in the Tulsa area, specializing in portrait and documentary style photography. She enjoys photographing families, weddings, and stylized shoots focusing on the element of color.

Jo is honored to be able to use her talent and skill in the visual and digital arts to serve the arts community in Tulsa and The bART Center for Music. Notable projects include The bART Center for Music’s short documentary (2022), 3 music videos for The bART’s RAPS 101 program for songs #MOOD (2021), School Busses (2021) and U.S. (2021), and social media and website management. 

In her free time, Jo can be found writing, immersing herself in the Downtown Tulsa arts and nightlife, planning the perfect party, or watching cheesy TV shows with her partner, Jesse, and dog, Luzi.


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