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David Broome

Music Theory and Composition

An imaginative and versatile pianist/composer, David Broome has a playful taste for all genres of music. As a creator of original works, David produces musical worlds that investigate sound and the act of performing with humor and wide-eyed curiosity. As a widely sought after interpreter of new music, David is dedicated to presenting music that is quirky and original.

His performances have been appreciated in America, Australia, Russia and across Europe. He has been described in the New York Times as a “deft and focused performer,” as well as an artist who composes “juicily atmospheric music.” TheaterScene.net hailed his “high-smarts goofiness” and the AU Review described him as being “soaked with unbelievable talent.”

Currently based in Tulsa, Oklahoma; David leads the composition program at the Bart Center for Music, where he integrates multimedia performance practices with technology and traditional music notation. David has degrees from the Manhattan School of Music and Towson University.