Music & Movement for Toddlers

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Spring Semester 2024 is ending soon. We are not offering a Music and Movement class at this time, but if you are interested in starting a class with us, please let us know by emailing us at or giving us a call at (918) 794-0330. You may also fill out the form here and specify your interest.

Parents and children will have the opportunity to learn fun songs and nursery rhymes together, use a variety of musical instruments, and enjoy movement and dance while in class. A variety of songs will be interspersed with fast/slow movements and moving/stopping, as well as identifying high sounds, low sounds, musical moods, and the various aspects they relate to. This is a gift you can give them that will last a lifetime! Young children love music and movement!

Course Goals: In this class, your child will have the opportunity to:

  • Interact and adjust in social situations
  • Follow basic instructions, show restraint, and cooperate with other individuals
  • Sing and memorize simple melodies and nursery rhymes
  • Recognize the difference between high, middle, and low pitches
  • Identify simple patterns (hearing and repeating rhythms)
  • Identify/match musical moods
  • Listen to and appreciate music
  • Have fun and express themselves!

Age Group: This class is intended for toddlers (ages 2-3 years old).

Class instances: No classes are currently scheduled for Spring 2024. However, if you are interested in enrolling your child in this class, please let us know. We need at least 4 students in order for a class to be created.

Class materials/prerequisites:

  • No prior experience required!

Tuition: $200/semester

Instructor: Marquelle Brown