bART Instrument Petting Zoos

Community Program

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Community outreach activities at The bART are not only opportunities in area schools, but any opportunity that gives children and adults in the Tulsa community the opportunity to engage with music at free public events. The bART Center for Music offers Instrument Petting Zoos in collaboration with our community partners.

These petting zoos give children and adults the opportunity to try out an instrument with the guidance of a bART student and/or teaching artist. Last year the bART staged petting zoos at The Philbrook Museum, The Chapman Green, The Gathering Place, and The UMAC Summer Activities Fair to name a few.

Giving the opportunity for our young musicians/bART students the chance to share their musical knowledge with others and teach other children (and adults!) is of special importance. This fosters their ability to teach and share, as well as boosts their confidence in the proficiency of their musical instrument. Likewise, when children are “taught through the example other children” it engages them and nurtures the idea that they too can play a musical instrument.