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The bART is finishing up its Spring 2024 Semester. We will offer Composition again in Fall 2024. If you are interested in exploring Composition this Summer, please consider signing up for Mr. Broome’s Listening Room here.

Music Composition will explore a wide variety of methods for creating music in two semesters (Fall and Spring). From composing using standard music notation, to graphic and text scores, to learning about electronics and building our own synthesizers, music composition is geared toward building familiarity with the myriad of ways that artists create.

Fall Semester will focus primarily on notation. Students will learn to draft sketches with standard and alternative notational methods (graphic and text based) as well as have the opportunity to perform each other’s scores using The bART recording studio at the end of the semester. Spring Semester will explore electronics in music (circuits and synthesis).

Course Goals: There will be a final project due at the end of each semester. This project will be chosen by the students individually with the only stipulation being that it will be notated.

Age Group: This class is intended for students 13 years old and up. Depending on enrollment, class may be split into 2 age groups.

Class instances: Once a week for 60 minutes. January 12th through May 3rd, 2024. Fridays from 5:30-6:30pm. *16 sessions

Class materials/prerequisites:

  • Prior experience helpful, but not required
  • Headphones and a personal laptop with 2 free software programs:
    • MuseScore (notation software)
    • VCV Rack 2 (Virtual Control Voltage – a synthesizer emulator)
  • Comfortability with a laptop

Tuition: $350/semester 

Instructor: David Broome