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The composition program at the bART provides students the opportunity to realize the music that they imagine. All styles and genres are encouraged! Students will learn about various methods of notation, current/past trends in music composition, and developing a greater proficiency of integrating technology in their art. The goal at the end of the course is that students will be able to create an artifact of their musical imagination – be it an audio track, a score, a video, or structured improvisation. Each class will consist of individual work time, guest lectures, and presentations from the composition faculty. At the end of every semester, students are encouraged to share their work at a school-wide performance in addition to other performances organized throughout the local community. They also will have access to have their works recorded in our high quality recording studio. It is recommended that students have at least 1 year of experience learning an instrument prior to the course.

Students from the bART Composition program have their music performed regularly around Oklahoma and beyond, and are prepared to succeed in a variety of settings, from personal project performances and recordings to college applications and nationally competitive workshops, based on each student’s aspirations.

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