Group Violin for Beginners

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Spring Semester 2024 will be ending soon. The bART will be offering a Beginning Strings Ensemble with Robin Smith during Summer Session 2024 on Thursdays, starting June 6th through June 27th from 11am to 12pm for ages 8-12. Students must have 1-3 years of playing experience. If you are interested in this opportunity, please sign up here.

Course Goals: By the completion of this course, students may be better equipped to:

  • Develop basic musical literacy (translating rhythms, read music)
  • Play a variety of basic pieces on the violin, both on their own and in varying groups (duos, trios)
  • Focus and develop self-discipline by integrating practice into their home routines
  • Strengthen fine motor skills
  • Explore private instruction or play in a school orchestra/ensemble

Age Group: This class is intended for children between the ages of 7 and 10 years old. Depending on enrollment, class may be split into 2 age groups.

Class instances: No class offered at this time (Spring 2024). If you are interested in Group Violin, please let us know. Minimum number of enrollment for a group class must be 4 people.

Class materials/prerequisites:

  • No prior experience required!
  • It will be helpful for students to have an instrument to practice on at home between sessions. If needed, violin rental is available at $25/mo.

Tuition: $250/semester

Instructor: Robin Smith