The Barthelmes Conservatory

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The bART Center for Music’s Conservatory Division welcomes you to a unique program in the Tulsa area, designed to guide music students toward success in professional, university, and performance settings. The mission of The Barthelmes Conservatory is to promote artistic and academic excellence, preparing musicians to confidently succeed in music through leadership, teamwork, and critical thinking skills. Its comprehensive, specialized, professional training curriculum involves:

  • Individual mentorship with experienced faculty
  • Music theory
  • Music literacy and history
  • Musical creativity
  • Ensemble/studio group classes
  • Regular performance
  • Attendance at musical events
  • Developing enthusiasm for learning about new music

In addition, The Barthelmes Conservatory has adapted itself to the needs and expectations of the current creative climate in both academic and real-world environments, offering programs and supplemental study in:

  • Music Production
  • Recording Arts
  • Improvisation
  • Jazz Piano
  • Synthesis

Students may attend conservatory classes 1-2 days a week, based on their level of interest in bART opportunities. Classes take place in the afternoons and evenings (3:30-8:00pm) with some special events taking place on the weekends. The conservatory runs during most of the normal academic year in two semesters: Fall (September-December) and Spring (January-May).



Tuition varies per student. To learn more information or set up a meeting wuth us regarding your child’s interest in our conservatory program, please contact us at or call us at (918) 794-0330.



Conservatory Packages 

The bART is offering Conservatory packages (or tracks) that are most suitable to your child’s musical interests and needs. Electives can also be chosen a la carte.

Our Conservatory does not have a one-size-fits-all approach. Tuition will vary depending on length of lessons, instruments, and interests. Please view our opportunities below. For more information, please contact us.


Private Lesson & Music Theory

This package includes weekly private lessons and music theory classes for students wanting to dig into the world of music.


Private Lesson, Music Theory, & Composition

This package includes weekly private lessons, once-a-week music theory classes, and composition for creatives.


Music Theory & Composition

This package includes once-a-week music theory and composition classes for those wanting to dive into how music works and how to make their own.


Music Production, Composition, & Music Theory

An intensive track for creatives, this package includes a weekly course in music production (a rising expectation in the music world), composition, and music theory.


Music Production & Music Theory

This package includes once-a-week music theory and music production classes for those wanting to dive into how music works and putting it into action in a digital audio workstation.



Or create your own! We offer the following electives:

  • Music Production
  • Jazz Piano
  • Ensemble
  • Private lessons
  • Composition