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Deb Starnes


It is said that Deb’s mom knew she would be a drummer before anyone else. Born to play, Deb graduated from pots and spoons to playing with her cousin’s rock band at age 8. Deb went on to become a classically trained percussionist winning spots in the Young Tulsans concert band, Young Tulsans Drum and Bugle Corp and the Tulsa Youth Symphony.

Although her lifelong successful career in nonprofit management and fundraising overshadowed her drumming, she never lost her rhythm. Throughout the years, she has played with a variety of bands from jazz to old time rock and roll. After noticing a void in available teaching resources, Deb began teaching drums and guitar in small towns around Keystone Lake. Most recently, she offered her extensive knowledge of nonprofit fundraising and grant writing to The bART. Luckily, she brought her drums with her.

Deb excels in teaching beginning to intermediate students. She teaches snare as well as drum set. Her life experiences have also given her a special love for working with students who have differing learning abilities.