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Terry Pollak

Violin and Viola

Terry Pollak is currently a violist with the Tulsa Symphony and the Signature Symphony and a member of the Simpatico Trio. He attributes his prowess as a teacher, in part, to the fact that he had to work very hard and overcome many obstacles on his road to learning to play the violin.

Terry earned his Bachelor of Music degree from North Texas State University (now University of North Texas) in violin performance with a minor in music theory, and completed his Masters of Music degree in violin performance at SMU, where he had the privilege of studying violin with Erick Friedman, a protégé of Jascha Heifetz and Nathan Milstein.

Terry completed a one-year doctoral residency in violin performance at Florida State University, prior to accepting a position in the first violin section of the Jacksonville Symphony. He later studied viola at The University of Oklahoma while earning his Teacher Certification. At OU he also played baroque violin in the Collegium and was invited to play with the Dallas Baroque Ensemble.

Terry taught violin and viola at The Barthelmes Conservatory (now The bART) in Tulsa for several years, where he was also the violinist for the Barthelmes Trio, a faculty piano trio performing locally and at the OK Mozart Festival in Bartlesville. He returns to The bART after enjoying some time in his other career as the father of three lovely children. His wife, Charity, is a highly respected pediatrician in the Tulsa area, and also a fine violinist.