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Tye Slagle


Tulsa native Tye Slagle has been an active guitarist and gun-for-hire musician in the local music scene since 2012. He has accompanied and recorded for many Tulsa outfits and artists. He also managed the famed Guitar House of Tulsa music shop, so it’s been non-stop music for him since he can remember!

When he isn’t learning music for the next project or gig, Tye enjoys skateboarding, playing baseball and golf.

Tye teaches guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, and general music introduction for almost all ages. Focusing on a student’s individual needs, he pinpoints potential to help cultivate both their strengths but also weaknesses. He loves seeing a student overcome and conquer a passage and finally hit the target.

“That’s what I love about teaching; The video game aspect of accomplishing your goal on an instrument — it’s equal to leveling up and unlocking a new power, so to speak.”

Notable bands & projects include Casii Stephan and the Midnight Sun, Stephanie Oliver, Jacob Dement, FuZed, The Tylisha Project, Brent Giddens, and Alaska and Madi.


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