Senior Spotlight: Joanna McDonald

“Attending The bART Center for Music has greatly influenced my decision to pursue a career in composing. When I first started taking composition classes at The bART at age 13, I was not very interested in composing and took the class only out of curiosity. However, as time passed, I found the support and musical guidance I needed to continue to take my composing to another level. My composition mentor, Dr. Noam Faingold, taught me all the basics of musical notation and helped me develop my ideas in an organic way. He, like all of the bART faculty, invested countless hours into my musical development and willingly shared his experience with me.

Additionally, through the many different organizations with whom The bART partners, I was given opportunities to hear my music performed, enter my pieces into competitions, and attend numerous music camps, masterclasses, and workshops. I learned invaluable information about life as a composer and build a solid composition portfolio. The bART’s support caused me to develop a love for music and I eventually realized that pursuing a career in composing was the next logical step for me.

This fall, I will be attending Rice University pursuing a BM in Music Composition. My goals after college include teaching and partnering with organizations much like The bART to support the music communities wherever I live.

I would like to specifically thank my composition mentors and teachers, Dr. Noam Faingold and David Broome for your advice, help, and personal investment in my musical endeavors. I would also like to thank the rest of our bART faculty for your countless hours you’ve put into me and the young musicians in Tulsa. I am forever grateful for my bART family and the many ways it has positively impacted my life.”

Please click here to watch the performance of Joanna’s original composition, Peace.

Please click here to watch the performance of Joanna’s original composition, Gentle Oasis.