Senior Spotlight: Ryan Rule

“Thank you to The bART for all you have done for me!

I studied violin under Matthew McCulloch for two years, and piano under Cynthia John for five years. I learned a lot and developed patience, persistence, and performance skills. I obtained a better appreciation for classical music and acquired ear training and theory skills.

The bART afforded me opportunities to perform at recitals, in the Tulsa community, and at piano competitions as well. It was great to have a place to study music that was both professional and fun. I used skills I attained through piano in my endeavors singing in the Tulsa Youth Opera and through my private vocal instruction and camps I attended at the University of Tulsa.

I sang in three choirs at Holland Hall Upper School and recently won the David Rollo Outstanding Senior Vocal Music Award there. During my junior year, I studied abroad in Rennes, France. As a part of my experience there, I studied and sang with the Rennes Conservatory.

My plans are to attend the Schulich School of Music at McGill University (Montreal, Canada) next year on a vocal performance merit scholarship. I hope to obtain a dual degree at McGill in Music and Arts.”