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Community Programs


The bART Center for Music strongly believes that music, in particular, and all other art disciplines provide children with different and alternative ways to develop skills, process information, and express and organize their own knowledge. The results of recent, groundbreaking research identify music education as that which equips students with the foundational abilities to learn, to achieve in other core academic subjects, and to develop the capacities, skills, and knowledge essential for lifelong success. Immediate intrinsic benefits of engaging in a school-based music program are aesthetic pleasure and captivation, which motivates students to seek more such experiences, and the social bonds created among students when they share their arts experiences through reflection and discourse. Through our collaboration with local and statewide nonprofits, strong community partnerships, and the generous support of donors, The bART offers both children and adults the opportunity to be creative with music year around.

Made possible through the support of:

World Percussion

The bART's World Percussion program provides a dynamic cultural experience through the language of music and communicates the history of global rhythm in a fun learning environment...

RAPS 101

RAPS 101 teaches songwriting, collaboration, and self-expression, empowering youth to be heard through music.

Guitar Club

Students learn guitar playing skills and develop creative, intellectual and technical abilities to meet the needs of artistic self-expression, along with the skill to sight-read sh...

Midday Mix

The bART Center for Music invites Tulsa music professionals to share their talent and experience with at-risk high school youth in Tulsa’s alternative schools through Midday Mix,...

Harmony for Heroes Collective

Harmony for Heroes Collective is focused on making a positive difference in the lives of military individuals and their families through music education.

African Drumming at Kendall Whittier Elementary School

Led by bART teaching artist Leslie Brown, each participant engages with percussion instruments (djembes or djun-djuns) and works toward public performances that occur during the mi...

Early Childhood Music and Movement

Led by bART teaching artist Jenny Kane, the children are directly engaged in music and movement activities twice weekly during their school hours.

bART Instrument Petting Zoos

The bART Center for Music offers Instrument Petting Zoos yearly in collaboration with our community partners.

Our Impact


The bART’s free music training programs in TPS and UPS serve more than 300 at-risk- students in Title 1 schools. Of these students, 70% are members of a minority or underserved population.

Based on student feedback, over 95% of our TPS and UPS students said that because they participate in this program they
try harder in school,
work better with others on a team,
feel better about themselves,
can do things they didn’t think they could do before, and
know that their after school music teacher cares about them.

Of those students surveyed, over 50% say they
are better at making friends,
feel better sharing their ideas,
are better at solving problems,
and are more excited about coming to school.