Senior Spotlight 2022: Elise Tourigny

Name: Elise Tourigny

Instrument: Violin


How long have you been involved in music?

I have been involved in music for about eight years.


Why is music important to you?

Music is one of many ways of expressing artistically and I especially enjoy music for this reason. I also feel that I can listen to music far better than I could before I started learning violin. Music has given me the ability to be particularly aware of everyday sounds of any sort, for example, how the pitch of a train horn changes as the train goes by. 


There were so many adjustments to make when the pandemic started. Classes were moved online, concerts were canceled, and rehearsals were held in smaller groups. Although it was in a much different and less desirable format, music gave me something to hold on to when it seemed as though everything else had been taken out from under me.


Tell us about your time at The bART.

By studying music at the bART, I have been able to take theory and composition classes, participate in ensembles, and collaborate with other students. I have also been given countless performing opportunities in a variety of venues.I would not be able to study music at such an intense level without the generous scholarship that the bART has given me.