Senior Spotlight 2023: Rebekah McCarty

Name: Rebekah McCarty

Instrument: Violin


Why is music important to you?

I can’t even try to imagine my life without music. It is so engrained in me that I would likely be lost without it; it gives me focus and joy. One of my favorite things about music is getting to perform. I love seeing all the faces in the audience enjoying the music just as much as I do. I am very excited to continue this musical adventure!


Tell us about your time at The bART.

My time at the bART has been nothing short of amazing! This time has continuously helped me increase my abilities as both a violinist and a performer. I have learned countless things from all of my teachers at the bART over the years that I will know, use, and appreciate for years to come.


Where will you be going from here?

I will be attending the University of Tulsa, double majoring in Violin Performance and French. My ultimate goal is to become a professional violinist. I would love to be a traveling solo performer, but there are many exciting musical paths to explore!


A message from Rebekah:

I am incredibly thankful for all of my teachers, friends, and family who have supported me throughout this musical journey! I specifically want to thank the three violin teachers I’ve had over the years. Thank you to my first violin teacher Melody Garrett for teaching me the foundations that I needed in order to play the instrument I adore and introducing me to the world of orchestral playing. Thank you to Terry Pollak for giving me a unique perspective to playing the violin, and teaching me that while it is important to play challenging music in order to improve, it is just as important to “loosen up” and play some fun music every now and then. And last, but CERTAINLY not least, thank you to Robin Smith for helping me achieve my goal of getting into college for music. 6 years ago, I would have laughed if you said that I’d be playing a major violin concerto and a Paganini Caprice my Senior year, yet here I am! I have improved my playing significantly, and certainly could not have done so without such an amazing teacher! THANK YOU!